We will be working exclusively with online presales for both days.  You can buy a package for each day containing 7 tokens, a tasting guide, a voucher for a bottle of water and a glass for 25 € (+ processing fee). 900 tickets are available for both days.


You can only buy a ticket at the entrance on Saturday after 7pm. Due to fire legislation, we must continue to use the maximum number of 900 people in the hall. The festival will then close its doors at 11pm.

(Sold out)

From October 15th you can order max. 4 tickets for Saturday and/or Sunday. Your ticket is valid for the day it was ordered, there are no weekend tickets.

Tickets can only be ordered online at €25 / piece (+ processing fee)


To gain access to this event, you must present a valid certificate (vaccination, PCR or recovery) or Covid Safe Ticket (CST) at the entrance, preferably by installing the CovidSafe app on your smartphone. More information