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Online presale:
From September 1, 2024 at 10 am.

Saturday: 13h30 - 23h00

Sunday: 12:00 pm - 7:00 pm

€30.00 + processing costs

At the entrance:

Saturday: from 6 pm



Access to the festival

6 tokens

1 token for a bottle of water

Exclusive festival tasting glass

Festival guide




cost € 2.50 and are available at the box office at the festival. (cash + card)

Most beers cost only 1 token. There are a few that cost 2 or even more tokens for a glass. These are beers that are very exclusive, have undergone a costly brewing process and also have a high purchase price for us.

If you want to share a full bottle with a group of friends, or take it with you to drink at home, you can. The bottle will cost the price in vouchers that we would ask for the number of drinks that can be taken out of the bottle, so 2 tokens for a small bottle (25 or 33cl), 5 for a 75cl bottle and 10 for a magnum (1, 5l). For payments by cash or card you can contact the beer shop.

Free token
For O.B.E.R. members,  ZythosPINTCAMRA  or other  EBCU  affiliated beer consumer associations. (1 token for the weekend on presentation of your membership card)

Festival T-shirt : €15
Keychain : €2.50

Food & snacks
In the hall you can order cheese and salami dishes from  't Kaasmeske  from Wouw.


Outside in the parking are some food trucks:
BBQ-Balls -  Thai Thip - 't Fritketeltje

Cold & hot drinks
Coffee/Tea: 1 token
Water bottle 50cl: 1 token
Sparkling water/Lemonade/Cola/Cola Zero: 1 token (25cl)

Shuttle bus

from and to Essen Station by coach.

We provide a regular shuttle service by coach, as close as possible to the arrival and departure times of the trains to the north and south. 2€ or 1 token each way.

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