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Objective Beer Tasters Essen Region

O.B.E.R. thus stands for Objectieve Bierproevers Essense Regio.

But what does that actually mean?

First and foremost, we are of course lovers of a good glass of beer. We are also lucky in Belgium,  the beer country par excellence. Nowhere in the world you will find such a wealth of beer flavors as in Belgium. We are therefore exceptionally lucky, and we want to keep it that way !!!  

Our club was founded in 1993 out of concern for our fantastic Belgian beer culture. After all, what does it show? Most Belgians no longer know their own beer culture and limit their beer consumption to the well-known brands, while the strength of our beer culture lies in the wide range of variation that we find at our more than four hundred breweries.  

We strive to ensure that the leveling and monopolization that are going on will not eventually kill the smaller breweries, which would impoverish our beer culture


All further information about O.B.E.R. and our activities can be found at

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