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Like every year, we still offer many beers from our stock for sale, at approximately half the festival price. That means a great opportunity to replenish your Christmas beer supply. The beers on the list are the beers that we drove 5000km to pick up and were not available in the local liquor stores. A unique opportunity to be able to pick them up in one place. You can pay in our webshop with most regular cards or ideal, but also on site upon collection. We try to avoid the latter due to hassle with change, so please pay the correct amount as much as possible or pay via the webshop.

Your order can be picked up on Saturday, December 30 between 2 and 4 p.m. in the warehouse of Drankenhandel Van Oevelen, Peepolderlaan 10 in Essen (Rijkmaker industrial zone). We also offer a surprise box with 11 beers and a glass in the shop. We do not ship outside this box, but we can place them with one of our board members after payment, if that would be a better fit. Shipping of these packages only to Belgium and the Netherlands.


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